Learning Ergo 101 : eUTXO explained for human beings

Blockchain Paradigms

  1. Account based

eUTXO (extended Unspent Transactions Output)

  • Consider the Ergo blockchain as a Dataset of Boxes.
  • Each Box contains assets: Cryptocurrency (Either ERG and/or other tokens)
Ergo blockchain is a collection of Boxes
  • As a user of the Ergo blockchain you can interact with some of those boxes.
  • Applications built on top of Ergo work by using existing boxes and creating new boxes
  • Each Box contains crypto assets (namely Erg or other coins)
An Ergo Box
Each box contains some crypto assets


A transaction : Operation we can apply on existing unspent boxes

The Script field

  • Each box has a script.
  • A script is a chunk of logic which evaluates to a boolean value: True or False.
  • At transaction time the script of the input boxes is evaluated.
    If the evaluation returns true then your transaction is successful and the output boxes are created.
  • In the ergo blockchain the programming language you can use to define the script field is called ErgoScript.
  • ErgoScript is on purpose quite limited
  • Because ErgoScript is very constrained the Ergo blockchain can know in advance the cost of executing that script. This might not be very relevant for this blog post , but this is a core differentiator from other blockchain systems. This is the reason why transaction costs in Ergo are fixed.
  • As a programmer you can define your own script and use them in your boxes.
  • By using the script field along side boxes and transactions you can model solutions to problems. This is the core of building DApps in Ergo and Cardano.
Assets associated to a wallet
  1. There are one or more unspent Boxes that in total contain 100ERG
  2. Those Boxes’ script corresponds to the wallet’s public key (public address).
    This script is guarding the box such that If you want to use any of those boxes in a transaction, you need to provide a signed message proving you are the owner of the companion private key.
  3. When your wallet app wants to know your balance it scans the blockchain looking for unspent boxes whose script corresponds to your public wallet address.
Balance of a wallet

Final thoughts

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Working on Recommendation Systems, NLP and Data Engineering🗼🇯🇵 @dav009

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David Przybilla

David Przybilla

Working on Recommendation Systems, NLP and Data Engineering🗼🇯🇵 @dav009

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